A citizen's mayor

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Who is Jack Wagner? With all due respect, I have always appreciated him as auditor general. He kept the public informed about the ways that our politicians or welfare recipients or whomever have squandered our hard-earned tax dollars. He has been a voice of integrity amid corrupt forces, always trying to sound the alarm to wake up the citizens about our tax money being misspent. Sadly, he has not always been listened to.

And then there is Bill Peduto. For any Pittsburgher to think that Mr. Peduto is not a citizen's mayor, think again. Take a look at his record. For years Bill Peduto has walked the streets of Pittsburgh and been in the trenches and combat zone with the people of this fine city. None of the other candidates -- I am sorry, Mr. Wagner -- can compare with what Mr. Peduto has done and tried to do for Pittsburgh, day after day for all our citizens.

Without question, if you want this great city to go through a real renaissance, Mr. Peduto will roll up his sleeves and give you 100 percent. And you can take that to the bank.

Squirrel Hill



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