Silence is consent

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I write to add my voice to that of Maureen A. Daley, a pro-life Catholic, whose letter "Church, Speak Out" (April 20) compellingly points out the paradox of an avowedly pro-life church staying virtually silent as gun control issues roil our nation.

Roman Catholicism, more than any other denomination, is identified as "pro-life." If there was ever a time for our church to live up to the true meaning of that vaunted description, surely it's now, when our spineless lawmakers dare to defy what 90 percent of the public demands.

I urge Pittsburgh's church/synagogue leaders to form an interfaith consortium to challenge the National Rifle Association's mystifying, mind-boggling clout in reducing our country to a tragic parody of the Wild West. Are you looking over your shoulder when you're out and about? I've begun to and I resent this blatant infringement of my personal freedom.

I encourage Catholic leaders, in particular, to be at the vanguard of making lives already born safer. I pray that they, or at least a few courageous souls among them, will finally use their moral authority and a fraction of pro-life resources to proclaim, "Enough."

As Father Roy Bourgeois, a Maryknoll priest for 40 years, declared when he was "dismissed" from the order because he dared to voice his support of priesthood for women: "When we see injustice, we must speak. Silence equals consent ... we must speak."




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