A citizen can dream of a better Congress, can't he?

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The other night I had the most beautiful dream about the members of the U.S. Senate and House of Representatives. It went like this: Members of both parties got together and passed sweeping bipartisan legislation that affected both houses.

To wit: (1) establishment of term limits for both senators and congressmen, (2) cessation of all "perks," i.e., pensions, medical plans, exclusive health clubs, etc., (3) reductions in their office staffs to a minimum level, (4) full-time work, (5) prohibition of any form of lobbying, (6) the passing of legislation that had nothing to do with their re-elections but rather was best for our country and (7) cessation of any and all nonrelated earmarks that are attached to a basic bill.

Right before I woke up Louis Armstrong and a choir sang "What a Wonderful World." Unfortunately, when I awoke I realized that when I retired later that evening I had to go back to my usual nightmares.

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