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To preface, I am 42 years old and up until a few months ago when I saw teens with their "hoodies" up hiding their faces in broad daylight, I thought of them as "up to no good."

A few months ago I awoke to a banging on my door around 1 a.m. It was a group of teens with piercings and hoodies up, standing on my porch.

I opened the door and the "up to no good" teens handed me my wallet, which had fallen out of my shorts pocket at the local McDonald's earlier in the evening; credit cards and a couple of dollars cash were all intact. They had looked up my address on their smart phones and returned my wallet, which I had not even realized I had lost.

I wish I had more money to give them for returning it. All I could do was say "thanks." They said "you're welcome" and walked away into the night.

I don't look at kids with their hoodies up with piercings and cell phones as "up to no good" anymore.

There is some hope for our youth and there is good in the world, no matter how the kids dress, look or are pierced!




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