Israel wants peace

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A recent column by Dan Simpson stated that the Israelis do not pursue peace with the Palestinians. His premise is incorrect.

Mr. Simpson regurgitates the vitriol delivered in a lecture by Michael Sfard, a human-rights lawyer from Israel who denounces his homeland but argues cases for countless Palestinians before Israeli judges. Decency would suggest that Mr. Sfard would recuse himself due to his financial gains from this work. His comments are obviously biased and unacceptable.

After the Six-Day War in 1967, Israel inherited innumerable refugees who had been refused admittance to Arab lands. Recognizing this stressful situation, Israel and other nations brokered the Oslo Peace Conference. This resulted in nothing more than additional terrorist attacks.

An accord was attempted at Camp David. Same results!

In 2005 Ariel Sharon's government ceded Gaza to the Palestinians in hopes of initiating peaceful co-existence. Instead a bellicose armed cantonment was born. And -- once more -- missiles rained upon Israel. So much for "land for peace"!

Undaunted, Ehud Barak offered an incredible peace proposal. That, too, was snubbed.

Currently, due to the intransigence of the two-headed Palestinian hierarchy, the Netanyahu coalition has turned its primary attention to the Iranian threat. This is an immediate danger!

If the Palestinians desire resumption of the moribund peace talks, they must commence the discussion by declaring, with one voice, that they recognize Israel as a sovereign nation with borders agreed upon through mutual deliberations.

Pay the man, Shirley! Give Mr. Simpson the Arafat head schmatte and tell him to go away.

Regent Square



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