The Bible can't be the basis for denying rights

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In his April 3 letter "Same-Sex Sinfulness," concerning marriage of same-sex couples, Daniel J. Robinson asked some questions.

First he asks, "How can anyone argue with the sweet commercials calling for gay marriage?" and later asks, "How could there possibly be a right for gay marriage?" Arguments against the freedom to marry have pretty much boiled down to the one Mr. Robinson offers: The Bible tells me so.

I accept that some read the Bible his way, but more and more believers find support for lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender people in Jesus' commandment to love your neighbor as yourself. There are many ways to understand Scripture.

The most important fact is the Bible cannot be the foundation for granting or withholding the rights guaranteed in the Constitution.

He also asks, "Have those who support gay marriage ... really thought this through?" Yes, we have. The case for the freedom to marry arises primarily from decades of courageous lesbian and gay couples coming out so that we know their wonderful families and the way their love supports their infinite contributions to our communities. This leads to one comment.

You should be so blessed, Mr. Robinson, to have a same-sex couple as your neighbor. I say this because that couple has made a life together without any of the privileges other couples receive with the marriage certificate. They have to work at it in ways we cannot imagine.

But the fact is there's a good chance you actually have a gay couple in your neighborhood. I encourage you to get to know them. You'll be blessed, I trust.

Squirrel Hill



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