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As one of the many students who has been given the enormous financial gift of the Pittsburgh Promise, I appreciate that UPMC is doing something to give back to the community.

But UPMC should not use its commitment to the Promise as an excuse when it comes to contributing to the rest of our city's needs or as a public relations ploy to distract us from questioning whether UPMC is really a charity.

Our schools -- not just our students -- need funding. If UPMC were paying its fair share, our schools would have an extra $14 million a year to keep schools open, buy supplies and hire staff. Instead, UPMC is spending more than $26 million a year on executive salaries.

PNC and other for-profit companies contribute to the Promise and still pay taxes. I believe that UPMC would have no problem being able to juggle the two if its status as a nonprofit changes.

I've lived in Pittsburgh all my life. I'm glad that I'm going to school here and want to stay here when I graduate. I want Pittsburgh to prosper, and we need UPMC to do more to make sure that happens.

Squirrel Hill



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