Norman's overreach

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Tony Norman is an excellent writer. In his April 2 column ("Black Conservatism Seems So Unappetizing"), he develops with skillful progression his metaphor that (in his opinion) conservatives prefer mayonnaise and Wonder Bread to peanut butter and chocolate.

But along the way, he ignores a huge volume of conservative literature compiled by the likes of Walter Williams and especially Thomas Sowell, both of whom happen to be black, and also forgets Charles Murray's "Losing Ground," which trenchantly recorded the dismal failure of the so-called War on Poverty, and many other studies repudiating (liberal) government programs that cynically cultivate and take advantage of the misguided "black vote."

He faults Dr. Ben Carson, who, in case anyone doesn't know, is black, for simply pointing out the dictionary definition of marriage, but Mr. Norman strays really far afield when he accuses unnamed Republican doctors in Congress of espousing "bizarre theories" and draws an off-beat quote from an interviewee of "an obscure right-wing radio host."

You're overreaching, Mr. Norman. Read about a dozen of Thomas Sowell's books. Make an effort to understand where Clarence Thomas came from. Conservatism is not a white or black thing -- it's a political philosophy.

Mt. Lebanon



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