Democracy lost

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With the Supreme Court-provided advent of wide-open campaign contributions and lobbying, the United States is arguably no longer a democracy, but rather a conflict-of-interest riddled "moneyarchy."

"Moneyarchy" is the slippery slope to oligarchy and monarchy, since the body most constitutionally empowered to end the conflict of interest is now the conflict-of-interest riddled body. The Supreme Court reversing itself is an unlikely scenario, especially since that court is not immune to lobbyists. Even otherwise highly principled members of Congress are entrapped by the vast amounts of money now needed for re-election. A limit of one term may eliminate the re-election trap but still requires legislation from the conflict-of-interest ridden body and would still not end campaign contributions or lobbying.

As with any illness, admitting the illness is typically the first step to recovery.

Bethel Park



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