Poisonous rhetoric

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In response to the March 31 letter from Philip Wise about gun legislation ("Abridging Rights"), I'd like to point out that while I respect Mr. Wise's implied dedication to the Constitution, I must tell him that his conviction to the principles of that document is no stronger than my own and millions of other supporters of the president.

I support and embrace Mr. Wise's First Amendment right to freedom of speech, but he needs to know that if he accuses our president of treason, such charges will not go unanswered by patriotic Americans who must utterly disagree.

I support President Barack Obama and his policies. He and the office in which he serves deserve respect. Mr. Wise's charge is unjustified, disrespectful and simply not founded in reality. It is the type of hyperbolic charge that poisons our democratic process. To claim without any evidence that a twice-elected president is acting contrary to the will of the people is on its face absurd. To blather about charges of treason is an insult to his fellow citizens and promotes a climate of extremism and violence, the consequences of which are all too prevalent these days.




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