Change agents make a difference for LGBT youth

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Kudos to Mackenzie Carpenter for the enlightening expose "Agents of Change" (March 31). I say expose because, though Dreams of Hope has existed for 10 years, most people are not only unaware of the organization but also ignorant of the plight of lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender youth.

Kudos to Susan Haugh, founder of Dreams of Hope, who saw the need for the young people to express themselves, and in so doing, also created an educational vehicle for public awareness.

Kudos to the LGBT young people, whose talent is only exceeded by their bravery.

You are all agents of change!

The account of Jeremy Moore's experiences is heartbreaking. However, all too many young people in similar situations do not have the benefit of loving, supportive parents. Because of his mother and Dreams of Hope, Jeremy's troubles ended happily.

Far too many times, bullying ends in the murder of an LGBT youth or the suicide of an alienated young person unable to accept his or her sexuality and the torment he or she lives with every day.

Change cannot come fast enough. Hopefully everyone reading this article will in some way become an agent of change.




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