Daily Rob Rogers

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Every morning my husband and I talk code, "Did you see it?" "Beautiful." "Exactly." "He should be president." Or we merely shake our heads in amazement. How does he do it?

I want to thank Post -Gazette cartoonist Rob Rogers for bringing humor to our lives with such precision and delight! He nails it with the rare courageous gift to make us smile while we ponder deeper hard truths and attitudes. We need him!

The sense of being overwhelmed that so many of us feel can knock us out, render us dumb and force us to turn away when so much hard and sad news comes at us each day. I usually turn it off, but Mr. Rogers creates a space I can jump into to laugh a little, lighten a little, at our community of woe and foible.

Lighten the heart before noon, is my motto (thanks to my husband), and the rest of the day goes better. Thank you, Mr. Rogers, we don't think we could do it without you!




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