Mishandling guns

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I have been watching the anti-gun commercial funded by New York Mayor Michael Bloomberg that has been running for the last few days. With all of Mr. Bloomberg's billions of dollars, one would think that he could have hired an actor who knows the proper way to handle a firearm.

If you haven's seen it yet, the actor is sitting on a tailgate of a pickup holding a shotgun in a horizontal position, his finger on the trigger and the action closed, braking the most fundamental of gun safety rules. While braking the safety rules, he claims to support the Second Amendment but wants us to call our senators and ask them to vote for more gun control laws. The person on the tailgate only talks about background checks, but if you call the number on the screen, they give you a list of things to tell your senator.

Don't fall for it. Call your senators and ask them to support the Constitution. Maybe you own a Winchester Model 70 or a Remington Model 700 that you hunt deer with and you think you will not be affected. Guess what? The snipers in the military use the Remington 700. Your deer rifle is a sniper rifle. Every type of firearm out there was at one point in time a "military-style weapon." If you give an inch now and an inch later and an inch after that, eventually their "common sense gun laws" are going to erode away our rights.

Tell your senators to enforce the laws we already have. Bring back the death penalty and actually use it. Punish the criminals, not the law-abiding citizens trying to enjoy their particular hobby.




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