LCB is slipping

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It's very apparent that the Liquor Control Board is not following its mandate to protect Pennsylvanians from over-imbibing, so it really is time to privatize the business of selling liquor. I do not drink but often serve wine to guests at my home. More often than not when I stop at a state store to acquire the wine, I usually encounter a small table set up as I enter and a liquor company representative is offering free samples of the liquor of the day. Odd that they will serve you up to two samples, and off you go. Maybe you have an empty stomach or medication in your system and our state store just gave you flight fuel to hit the road when you leave the store. That's pretty special; thanks for protecting me.

The March 27 PG had a photo with a caption about a new store in Pine for wine aficionados and the rest of the populace, and it features a tasting table. Once again, let's get ready to get on the road with a taste under our belt. That to me is the LCB doing the opposite of its job.

Can we just say goodbye to the LCB?

Troy Hill



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