War on crime

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Columnist Dan Simpson was correct when he wrote on March 20 "We Don't Need Another War." It's going to take us many years to recover from the one that we are still in, and who knows when it will end? But if the politicians really need a war to pay back their debts to big business, then I have a suggestion.

Why not go to war here in the good old U.S. on crime? Look at any of the big metropolitan areas and just count the bodies. Murder in the cities is getting very scary and most of them are tied to drugs. Drugs are very easy to obtain because our borders are wide open to drug couriers. And law enforcement is so spread out and is burdened because they have to play by the rules and the bad guys do not.

Once hooked, people have to steal and rob to get their drug money. There was a day when a robber would take your money and walk away. Not today. Now they take everything you have, then shoot you. And there is the competition between the drug sellers. A war on U.S. crime would keep the money in the country instead of flying it overseas by the plane load. Just something to think about.




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