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This is in response to the letter to the editor "GMO Labeling" published March 16. Prior to 60 years ago and studies by British researchers Richard Doll and Austin Bradford Hill, cigarette smoking was not proven to have adverse health effects. A product that is not proven to be unsafe is not necessarily safe.

I feel labeling genetically modified food or organisms (GMO) is needed to help inform those who believe these products contribute to allergies or medical conditions. Currently there are insufficient amounts of GMO studies that have been published, while the results of some private studies have not been made public. Many of the published studies on GMO effects were done in Europe, and the researchers are concluding that additional long-term studies should be done with more sensitive testing procedures.

There is a current push for GMO labeling on all food products. Whole Foods Market is the first national grocer to announce that all its products will have GMO labeling by 2018. Bills that would require such labeling are under consideration in Connecticut, and other states are taking up similar legislation. Various departments of agriculture oppose any such labeling. The question raised is, if GMOs do not have any adverse health effects, why would the food production industry be against labeling their products? Product labeling does not change the product itself, but does create a more informed consumer.




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