'Pro-lifers' write propaganda

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I am writing in regard to "Pro-Lifers Will Never Give Up," published March 17. I do not question your right to publish such a piece, despite it being filled with the usual anti-choice false information and propaganda. I am angry because you permitted the writers to describe themselves as members of a "nonpartisan think tank."

The Chiaroscuro Foundation, with which the authors are associated, may not be affiliated with a political party, but it is dedicated to furthering the principles of the Catholic Church. That disqualifies it from being considered nonpartisan in this discussion. A group that lists evangelization among its funding areas can hardly be considered nonpartisan, particularly on the topic of choice. Hiding behind that label is a cowardly way to suggest that their specious arguments are not driven by doctrine but are in some way fact-based.

For shame, Post-Gazette. Your lack of research regarding this piece is grossly unprofessional, and you owe your readers an apology.

Squirrel Hill



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