At first dissatisfied, I quickly started to love Francis

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Expecting to see Cardinal Timothy Dolan appear on the balcony of the Vatican, I was stunned when I saw the new pope. I was angry. I didn't elect him. He was the wrong man. He looked dazed, as dazed as we all were at his election.

When he opened his arms to the people below, and said, "Buenos dias," I thought he was OK. When he prayed the "Our Father," "Hail Mary" and "Glory Be," I liked him. When he bowed his head and asked the people to pray for him, I loved him. Then I knew why God had the Holy Spirit instead of me choosing the pope.

Our own Bishop David Zubik seems to see eye to eye with the Holy Spirit and Pope Francis as they declined to live in their palatial residences. Bishop Zubik sold the building and the contents and used the proceeds for charitable purposes. Pope Francis takes the bus, so perhaps we will see free passes given to all the cardinals and bishops.




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