Rep. Paul Ryan is wasting time and resources

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U.S. Rep. Paul Ryan, R-Wis., House Budget Committee chairman, has proposed a budget that will balance the federal budget in 10 years. The plan, however, is just a political ploy that we all pay for.

His plan includes the repeal of the Affordable Care Act. Mr. Ryan knows this will never happen. Suppose he does get his budget passed by the Republican-controlled House of Representatives. The plan, with its repeal, is highly unlikely to be passed by the Democratic-controlled Senate. Even if he did get the votes in the Senate, President Barack Obama would veto the bill. Back to Congress it would go. There would never be enough votes to override the veto in either chamber. Mr. Ryan knows that.

What he's doing is just trying to make some headlines and positioning himself for a presidential nomination in 2016 after his failed vice-presidential run last year. But he's doing it at taxpayer expense. How many hours of labor will the government have to pay for, and at what cost, to debate a bill that has zero chance of passing?

Mr. Ryan believes in very limited government spending. Perhaps he should look at the waste in his own bill.

Mt. Lebanon



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