Will robots suck the life out of our lives?

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Personal robots will be a ubiquitous part of our lives one day -- a prediction by a Carnegie Mellon University professor in last Sunday's PG ("Man's New Best Friend," The Next Page, March 3). Also recently, we learned that today's women are fatter than the last generation. Probably because of today's modern appliances they don't do as much heavy housework as in the past.

According to the professor, it is not impossible that we could have our own personal robot who not only would do our manual labor but also could find information for us and then communicate our thoughts. We can just beam in, relax and expend our energy thinking. Wow! Our iPads, iPods or iPhones will become obsolete.

I am no spring chicken and on the downside of the famous Bell Curve, and am quite content with expressing my own thoughts. Somehow a future of becoming physically fat and mentally thin because of a robot sounds like a real unexciting downer. Beam me out.




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