'Power Hour' drinking game an excuse to binge

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I hope I was not the only one who was thoroughly disturbed by the article about Ali Spagnola's trademark battle over her "Power Hour" drinking game ("The Battle Over 'Power Hour' More Than a Brief Binge," March 3 Business). The article discusses Ms. Spagnola's battle to continue marketing her music as part of a "Power Hour" drinking game. In this game, an individual typically drinks 60 1.5-ounce shots of beer in 60 minutes. This is equivalent to 7.5 bottles of beer in an hour. Blood alcohol concentration charts indicate that, for most individuals, both male and female, this amount of alcohol consumption would constitute at the very least "legal intoxication." For many individuals, depending on body weight, this could also cause severe impairment or even alcohol poisoning or death. Let's wake up and call this "game" what it really is ... an excuse to binge drink.

It is distressing that the Post-Gazette would focus so much on the trademark battle over this game without stressing the ramifications of this level of alcohol consumption. According to the Centers for Disease Control, binge drinking is responsible for intentional and unintentional accidents, sexually transmitted diseases, neurological damage, alcohol poisoning and death. Moreover, it costs our local, state and federal governments billions of dollars annually in health care, crime and productivity.

Rather than focus on trademark issues over a game that is essentially an excuse to binge drink, let's open our eyes to the real ramifications of "games" like "Power Hour." Responsible alcohol consumption is a much more newsworthy endeavor.

Licensed Clinical Psychologist
Upper St. Clair



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