Issue One: Speeding on Route 28

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Rule-free Pa.

I agree with Nicole Pacella DeFazio ("No-Rules Roadway," Feb. 27 letters): "Drive as you would like" seems to be the way to drive these days. Ms. DeFazio, it's not just Route 28; it's all over Pennsylvania. It seems as if state and local police are nonexistent and that 55-mph speed limit signs are just something to look at. Where these people got their driving licenses is beyond me!

At least we can thank the Post-Gazette for keeping us informed when we read after a roadway slaughter that speed may have been a factor. I wonder what our governor thinks when he's out on our Pennsylvania racetracks.


End the madness!

Nicole Pacella DeFazio said it all in her letter about Route 28. You are taking your life in your hands when driving this roadway. Let's hope the police got the message.

The cars are so over the speed limit that it's ridiculous. It seems to be great sport to ride right on the back of the car ahead. However, the person who is killed by these actions means something to someone else -- a child, mother, father, husband.

Someone should start a campaign to end the madness on 28! Thank you, Ms. DeFazio.

Indiana Township

Danger abounds

Nicole Pacella DeFazio writes in her letter about no rules or consequences for speeding or tailgating on Route 28. It's like the Wild West where anything goes.

The sad part is that what she describes you will find driving on any of our city highways and neighborhood streets. For whatever reason, our highways get more dangerous every year with drivers having very little fear of even getting a ticket.

I live in Brighton Heights, where all day long on 25-mph and 30-mph streets, you can witness people running red lights, speeding in school zones, going the wrong way on one-way streets and, worst of all, reckless speeding. I don't think people care anymore about what they are doing to our one-time great neighborhoods.

I guess if enough people are doing the wrong thing, it becomes the right thing. Bad crashes happen to other people. Just pray you don't become those other people.

People get very upset when they get a speeding ticket or hear about speed traps. They should be thanking the police for disciplining them for doing wrong and learn from it. I would much rather offend people by writing them tickets for reckless behavior than consoling somebody at a funeral home after a bad crash.

Brighton Heights



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