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This letter is in response to the excellent March 4 article "Boomers Live Longer, But Sicker, Than Parents." First of all, the article failed to mention the quality of our food in the last 25 years. In the standard American diet, we have lost 50 percent of our antioxidants -- meaning, vitamins A, C and E and also the minerals zinc and selenium. These are vital for the functioning of our overall health and our immune systems.

Also Americans are eating more fast food and more processed food. Why? Because it's easier after a long day, especially today when both parents usually work. There's also more high fructose corn syrup in today's food vs. 25 years ago. Look at the labels of most food. It's in everything.

Studies show that 50 percent of all disease is caused by refined sugar. This can contribute and lead to diabetes and heart disease.

Recent research has shown that it's inflammation that is behind most chronic disease, and the standard American diet is one of the most pro-inflammatory diets on the planet. When your body is acid, this leads to inflammation. When you eat an alkaline diet (fruits and vegetables), this is anti-inflammatory.

I myself am a baby boomer, and I do not have any chronic disease and I take no prescription drugs. Why? Because I actively practice what I preach: diet, lifestyle and nutrition. The article confirms we are now adding more years to our life due to the latest scientific research. However, how about adding back life to our years? Change your diet, and get off the couch!

The writer is a chiropractor.



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