Scary tactics

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I found by watching the last election and primaries a disturbing and scary change in America. I saw the attempt to buy and destroy the democratic process by the very rich who made their fortunes under this form of government.

I am 73 and have never seen anything like the political discourse of the election and primaries of 2012. The truth became foreign to the Republican Party. The discourse of Fox News did not care about lies, half-truths or the stupid comments of Glenn Beck and Rush Limbaugh on the radio and TV that were causing hatred and lies. I believe that the Republican right wing, the greedy rich, corporations, the Tea Party tried to pull off a bloodless coup.

The right wing is now busy gerrymandering the voting districts so the minority can win the next election. The majority rule is being taken away. This is not what the founding fathers wanted. Is this why the National Rifle Association and the Republican Party are so chummy? The Republican Party is no longer responsive to the people but to demagogues of the right.

The obvious racist comments of the right against President Barack Obama hurt the American people. The mantra of the Republican Party is "no, no, Hell no," the Grand Old Obstructionist Party. I believe in freedom of speech; at least have the facts. The loss of democracy is at stake.

North Versailles



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