Beware of humor

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I find Reg Henry's columns to be amusing, including his recent one entitled "A Sequestration Only a Sasquatch Can Love" (Feb. 27). However, it is important that Post-Gazette readers understand that Reg's clownish article is not intended to be any sort of recognizable form of satire, despite his light approach to a serious problem. Reg is using his platform to deliberately mislead readers regarding the upcoming budget cuts and their origins.

A legitimate question from those who have followed the sequestration process should be, "Did Reg Henry just call the president of the United States a sasquatch?," due to his pondering that only Bigfoot could have come up with this financial challenge. Additionally, and I hesitate to use the name of such a respected journalist as Bob Woodward in the same vicinity as Reg Henry's, The Washington Post reporter was recently targeted for challenging President Obama's twisted version of the reasons for the sequestration.

Thankfully, the PG clearly identifies Reg Henry as an editorialist and not a reporter. I am greatly concerned, though, that some PG readers might mistake his deliberate buffoonery and misleading opinions for actual news and facts.




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