A defense of the lottery deal just falls flat

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Once again the well-heeled Republican elite meets a privatization deal that it cannot resist, no matter that it requires fantasy, character assassination and attack on unions to make its argument ("Keep the Lottery Deal" by Jim Roddey, Feb. 27 Perspectives).

First the fantasy: Camelot Global Services is a "highly regarded and very effective company." We have hardly any knowledge of this company and that line seems to be straight from the company brochure. Then we are told that Camelot committed to generate profits of at least $34.6 billion over the next 20 years, with this being $3 billion to $4.5 billion more than the current state-run lottery. This "committed" is simply the company projection. They can project anything whatsoever and if they fall short of projections, then too bad, we made a mistake and the state will not be paid this money if they don't have the profits. It is a win-win for the privatizer and Pennsylvania takes the risk.

Second, the character assassination and union attack: Implying that Attorney General Kathleen Kane finds legal defects in the contract with Camelot because she received contributions from the American Federation of State, County and Municipal Employees without a shred of proof is sleazy, at best. One could just as well say that the previous AG found no legal defects in the contract because he is a Republican. No, this privatizing scheme is more of the private profit and public liability that is a recurrent theme in these efforts championed by Mr. Roddey and his ilk.




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