Corbett should agree to expand Medicaid

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Florida Gov. Rick Scott's and New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie's recent reversals on Medicaid expansion make them the seventh and eighth Republican governors to realize what a great deal this is for the uninsured residents of their respective states. So it was with particular interest that I read the Feb. 22 "Groups Urge Pa. to Join Medicaid Expansion" to understand why our governor, Tom Corbett, still refuses to do the same for the more than 800,000 uninsured would-be Medicaid-eligible state residents.

The benefits -- economic growth, job creation and, of course, a reduction in the number of uninsured -- far outweigh the negatives cited by the Corbett administration, which leads me to believe that the governor's continued refusal is based more on politics (afraid to anger his Tea Party supporters) than reasoned analysis.

Given this poor decision, which hurts those most in need, I'm sure I speak for a number of fellow Pennsylvanians when I say I look forward to voting against Mr. Corbett's re-election come November 2014.

Upper St. Clair



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