A two-year-old shoots himself in the face; it's not an 'accident'

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Glad to see responsible gun owners exercising their Second Amendment rights ("Toddler Critically Wounded in Fayette Shooting Accident," Feb. 23): A 2-year-old child in Fayette County shoots himself in the face with his stepfather's loaded gun that his mother keeps in her purse on a coffee table. Is this responsible gun ownership?

The police say they probably will not press charges in this "tragic accident." Stupidity and lack of common sense are not accidents. Could someone tell this woman the difference between her lipstick, cell phone and a deadly weapon?

This should be at least reckless endangerment and, God forbid the child should perish, involuntary manslaughter. She obviously should never be allowed to have her hands on a gun again.

South Side



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