An old problem

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I read Ed Blazina's Feb. 15 article "South Side Resident Snared in Towing 'Blitz'," detailing the anger of South Side residents over towing and parking citations. I agree the police are working hard to crack down on crime, but they are going about it the wrong way. South Side residents receiving parking citations and even being towed is unnecessary.

The police should have taken care of this problem years ago. If they noticed the residents were parking in illegal parking spots, they should have given them a parking citation the first time they did.

Safety is the primary reason for parking citations such as when one of the residents was parking within 20 feet of an intersection. Yes, the resident was in the wrong, but he has been parking there for years he believed that parking there was fine.

Many people do not know the parking laws. If there had been signs warning that cars would be towed away, maybe people would have avoided parking in those areas. The police could have mailed out fliers stating that on a certain date they were going to start cracking down on the parking law and include a list of the parking regulations. Residents would then have had time to find legal parking spots and not be snarled in the blitz.




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