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The article detailing how Pittsburgh may see a new hovercraft patrolling our waters this summer ("Pittsburgh Seeks Grant to Buy Hovercraft for River Emergencies," Feb. 13) is a cause for excitement and relief to the people of our city. Pittsburgh may receive a grant to be used for port security. What the city wants to do with this grant is buy a new hovercraft and two new engines for its existing boats. We may see the hovercraft as early as mid-summer.

It would be awesome for Pittsburgh to receive this grant because the hovercraft sounds like it will help a lot, especially with all of our different weather patterns throughout the year. Taxpayers should be happy, too, because they are going to be that much safer on the water and their taxes will not go up since it is possible through a grant.

Scientists tell us that hypothermia can affect the body in as little as 10 minutes. This is why a hovercraft that can go over ice in the winter may become a critical part of rescue equipment for our city.




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