Economic gorillas

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Regarding "Financial Troubles Ahead for Most Future Retirees" (Feb. 18): This is a very good article and more should be written. A thousand-pound gorilla is missing from this article:

You do not mention the fact that most of this article does not include all the taxpayer-funded jobs that give pensions and free medical coverage. While all companies that I know of pay only half of medical coverage or less, we the rich taxpayers can afford to pay government jobs' free medical and provide huge pensions we would never be able to get working for a nontaxpayer-funded job.

This article only addresses the "other half" of workers in the United States. We are the half that doesn't get free medical and huge pensions.

Another gorilla is tariffs. While foreign auto companies benefited from a $7,500 U.S. federal tax credit by selling more electric cars in the United States, these same countries put large tariffs on our Chevy Volt or any other electric car we try to sell in their markets. In fact some countries put huge tariffs on all the vehicles we try to sell in their markets. Why don't we put, say, half the tariff they put on our cars? That still wouldn't be fair, but at least we would get hundreds of billions of dollars a year to lower our debt. Hey ... they do it to us.

Don't tell me about this free market stuff; it is total stupidity when your market is the only free market while they keep you out of their markets.

All this money being sucked out of our economy is a huge part of our economic problems and our government does nothing about it ... the government won't even mention it.

Bethel Park



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