Have guts for once

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A total gun recall is neither practical, realistic nor constitutional. However, should our elected representatives choose a lack of common sense and not initiate or support a ban on assault-type weapons and high-volume magazine clips, these myopic nonthinkers will share the responsibility and have the blood of innocents on their consciences after the next mass shooting. The vast majority of their constituents will remember come their next election.

Elected officials, if your only concern is your job when it comes time to vote for sensible legislation then you're in the wrong line of work. Have the guts for once to stand up, be courageous, get in the face of ignorance with a clear mind, heart and conscience and support a ban on unnecessary assault weapons that have no place outside of the military or the police.

The time is now to adapt the Second Amendment to the 21st century. Do the right thing just once. The life of a child may depend on your choice.




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