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I am writing to correctly inform the members of the Greater Pittsburgh Police Federal Credit Union, as well as the general public, regarding recent newspaper and television news stories in which our credit union was named.

Many of you know that there are some investigations going on within the Pittsburgh police department. A grand jury investigation has resulted in our credit union being served a subpoena requesting photocopies of account information for multiple named persons/accounts that are being investigated within the Pittsburgh police. If these named parties had an account at another local bank or credit union, those institutions also would have received a subpoena to provide requested materials.

The recent news articles made it appear that the credit union was a part of the investigation. One story stated, "The FBI on Thursday removed documents from the Greater Pittsburgh Police Federal Credit Union, according to a source familiar with the investigation, indicating the widening of a federal probe into the Pittsburgh police bureau that came to light earlier in the week" ("FBI Removes Police Credit Union Files," Feb. 15). The FBI did not remove anything! They subpoenaed the credit union for copies of account materials for those involved in the investigation and listed on the subpoena. The credit union printed the requested materials and provided them to the agency (as required by law).

Many of our account holders called to ask if their money was safe or if they would have to move their accounts somewhere else. Let me assure you that your money is safe, it is insured and you do not have to change where you do your business.

I am writing to clarify to our credit union account holders (as well as the general public) that we complied with the requests of the FBI as required by law. Again, any financial institution could have been served a subpoena for account information. It is a normal request.

Greater Pittsburgh Police FCU
West End



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