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I am a fan of Tony Norman's column. It always seems well thought out and reasoned and more often than not I agree with his opinion. However, in his recent column regarding the self portraits by George W. Bush that were stolen from the Bush family emails ("Bush's Artistic Side Now Nakedly on Display," Feb. 12), I feel he has missed the point.

I too am no admirer of George W. Bush's presidential years, but instead of playing art critic and assigning various possible introspections to Mr. Bush's paintings Mr. Norman should have concentrated on the real issue. The emails that contained these works along with many other messages between Bush family members were meant to be private and were stolen by a thief. This is appalling enough when it happens to us ordinary citizens, but for it to happen to a family that contains two former presidents who are supposed to be carefully guarded is terrifying.

If the thief had crept into Mr. Bush's house and stolen the paintings and private correspondence he would be hunted down, arrested and put in jail. Internet thieves and bullies should not be able to attack us with impunity. What confidence can we have in our own daily use of the Internet if this kind of theft is allowed to go unpunished?

Mr. Norman should have spent more time admonishing the powers that be to find a way to stop this kind of theft and less time lamenting Mr. Bush's shortcomings in both art and politics.




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