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There has been much in print lately about cats as destroyers of wildlife. The Feb. 13 editorial "Killer's Cradle: Domestic Cats Are Wildlife Enemy No. 1" is somewhat over the top. I suggest that you consider sending your editorial writers to a screening of Alfred Hitchcock's film "The Birds," followed by a trip to the animal shelter to cuddle some adorable cats and kittens that need homes.

I believe that if it were not for our feline friends, we would all be up to our necks in ancient eggshells. Also we and our vehicles would likely be bombarded with bug, lizard and worm remains: Yes, they are animals too, lovable in their own way -- perhaps blanched, parboiled or wok fried. You seemed to focus on the mammals chipmunks and voles as cat victims instead of mice and rats, perhaps to help make your point more persuasive.

I recently had to find a new home for two adorable kittens due to an unexpected allergy; I may be overly sensitive at the moment.

In the future please refrain from condemning God's natural plan for our cats. We have all seen many disastrous examples of interfering with natural animal ways -- like the pestilential rabbits in Australia.




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