Why the media frenzy over a sip of water?

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What is unbelievable and shameful is the liberal media showing over and over again a clip of Sen. Marco Rubio drinking some water. This clip of Mr. Rubio drinking water was a big joke on Jay Leno's "Tonight Show." His audience couldn't get enough of this idiotic clip. Mr. Rubio drinking water is the only thing they got out of his rebuttal of President Barack Obama's State of the Union address to the nation.

The liberal media are so disgraceful it's mind-boggling that they are more upset with Mr. Rubio taking a sip of water than they are of the cover-up of Benghazi. No wonder this administration is getting away with the debacle of Operation Fast and Furious and the lies and cover-up of Benghazi.

Sometimes I wonder if you liberals are human beings. You people in the liberal media should hang your heads in shame. You have the blood on your hands of these five American heroes who were murdered in those two deplorable events.

Mount Washington



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