Snowy walkways

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As a walker and a jogger, I implore my fellow Pittsburghers to pay attention to sidewalks during the winter weather. It is sometimes impossible and incredibly dangerous to navigate on foot in front of some homes and businesses in this city. The city should warn and cite all those who do nothing.

Years ago, I lived in a borough nearby where this was common practice, and you can best believe sidewalks were clear, and it's a perfect way to increase revenue. Is it not bad enough that the city itself is subpar in street maintenance after snowfalls? The lack of sidewalk clearing is even worse.

I live around affluent areas where the homes are large. Maybe the problem lies in the fact that some homeowners do not even use their front entrances much but come and go from their homes into a garage. Think of those who are trying to walk past your home in inches of ice, snow or slush. And even worse, imagine trying to maneuver in that mess as an expectant mom or in a wheelchair or without sight.

If there is snow covering your sidewalks and you are a landlord or a homeowner and are able-bodied, shame on you. If you are unable to maintain the property in front of your home, ask a neighbor, friend or relative to help. Hire someone. The little you pay would be nothing in comparison with a costly legal battle if you were sued should someone fall on your property. If you live near those who cannot do it themselves, make a path in front of their house when you are clearing yours.

Bad back? Push it with a lightweight shovel or push broom.

Think of all the pedestrians who walk past your home. It is your responsibility. Own up to it.

Squirrel Hill



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