Guns for good guys

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I think I've hit on something to quell the gun debate.

First, let me say I have no problem with guns, gun ownership or shooting sports. I've used guns, shot them at targets at least, and enjoy it.

That said, something has to be done to accommodate the Second Amendment adherents and the sad folks who are victims of endless, senseless gun violence. I suggest taxing all guns and ammunition, something like 500 percent. Have that money earmarked for school security and to offset the costs of mental illness treatments for those in our society who need it. We can call it "the good guys with guns" tax. I think it's a win-win situation. All the people who want unlimited access and quantities of armaments can have it. You just have to pay for it. It'll take longer to put together your arsenal and your infinite collection, but it'll still be legal.

And consider this: For all those doomsday-prepping, government-hating, "don't tread on me" militia types, they can double dip! For every $6 they spend on ammo or guns, $5 can go toward the mental health care they so desperately need.

West Deer



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