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The other afternoon I decided that I would start to tackle this year's taxes so I wouldn't be stressing myself out the first two weeks in April. I got online, pulled up Pennsylvania's revenue site, plugged in all the numbers and in 15 minutes I was done. The same was true for my local taxes. OMG !!! This is soooo easy.

But doing our federal taxes is a different story. We are not taxed a straight percentage. And we have deductions. And we have loopholes. And one needs Form 7852B in order to complete Form 1040B to put one number on Line 63 of Form 1040A. And that is only if you have to file Form 723, since you own a business.

Why, why, why can't the IRS just tax us poor taxpayers a straight percentage, regardless of amounts of income? Do away with all of the vague deductions and loopholes. Paying taxes would be so much easier.

And the jobs of the IRS employees would be much easier also, I bet.




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