Come on, Tony

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Tony Norman, slamming George Bush is getting old. Your biased "journalism" has reached a new low. Based on information "hacked" from the Internet, you created an article denigrating our past president ("Bush's Artistic Side Now Nakedly on Display" Feb. 12). Pedestrian journalism at its best.

Isn't it time for you to provide an objective, honest assessment on the "accomplishments" of our "Divider in Chief"? Lots of topics to choose from. The list of monumental failures by President Barack Obama continues to grow as his presidency becomes defined by lack of direction, purpose and leadership. Write a few articles that go beyond serving your agenda.

Start with the economy. Spend some time on the stimulus. Don't forget frivolous spending on renewable energy sources. Can you say Solyndra? Give us your perspective on his efforts to "unite the country." Who declared there are wars on women, gays, students, illegal immigrants, etc.? Move on to what impact Obamacare will really have on our economy and our people. Explain how his policies on immigration will impact jobs and entitlement spending. What about his foreign policy? Are Iran and North Korea tiny countries that we can ignore? Tell me about Fast and Furious or Benghazi. What about your perspective on increases on welfare spending, entitlements? You might want to spend time telling us why waterboarding is offensive while killing Americans with drones is perfectly acceptable.

There are many topics relevant to this country and our future that you could choose to write about, Tony. It might require you to search beyond information hacked from the Internet. Perhaps that might be too difficult and could reveal facts contrary to your beliefs.




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