Political ploy?

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Anybody reading Rep. Dan Frankel's column "Expand Medicaid in Pennsylvania" in the Feb. 11 Post-Gazette would have to wonder why Gov. Tom Corbett would refuse the substantial federal funds offered to Pennsylvania. I'm not a political analyst or privy to Gov. Corbett's thinking, but I could suggest a reason.

I believe he's anticipating a contested primary for his reelection in 2014. This will likely come from the extreme right wing of the Republican Party, which is influential out of proportion in primaries and for which any compromise with "Obamacare" is equivalent to treason.

If such shameful political expediency is, in fact, Gov. Corbett's motivation, then it is not difficult to understand his low ratings in the polls and another reason -- as if we needed one -- to vote him out of office in 2014.

Point Breeze



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