Super Bowl half-time was an adults-only show

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I enjoy a good show as much as the next person and Beyonce's Super Bowl halftime show was that. It was flashy, entertaining and the girl is a great talent. I do wonder at its presentation during the family viewing hour at a sporting event the NFL bills as "family friendly."

While it was a great show for adults, this annual display at halftime gets more inappropriate for families each year. Do we really think the pelvic thrusting, open leg display is what we want preteens emulating? Has anyone listened to the lyrics of "Bootylicious" as performed by Beyonce and her former group, Destiny's Child?

Think of an 8-year-old copying this routine the next day.

I read that Michelle Obama tweeted "Watching the Super Bowl with family & friends. Beyonce was phenomenal! I am so proud of her!"

I wonder if this is representative of our national definition of what is moral and family appropriate? Is our love of public expression so great that we would throw our children's moral development under the bus?




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