The LCB is a political relic that must go

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p>All Pennsylvanians need to rally behind Gov. Tom Corbett's proposal to abolish the state Liquor Control Board monopoly and privatize the liquor system in this state. The citizens of this state have suffered under the Prohibition-era laws long enough, and we're sick and tired of the inconvenience and high prices imposed on us by the likes of the United Food and Commercial Workers union.

When it comes to purchasing liquor in this state, the citizens are given limited supply and limited hours just to perpetuate this system of political patronage and relic of Prohibition. Poll after poll of Pennsylvanians have shown overwhelming support for abolishment of the LCB, privatization and to be treated as mature adults as 48 other states treat their citizens. But as long as the political machines still hold sway in this state, we'll never achieve the opportunity to buy wine, beer and spirits in the same convenient manner as exists throughout most of the United States.

I'm sure all of us have differences with the governor on other issues, including myself, but this is one where he is right-on correct, and he needs all of our support.




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