Ravens vs. 49ers

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I'm a native Pittsburgher living in the San Francisco Bay area and I can assure you that I was one of only about three people out here who was pulling for the Ravens. I know that sounds a little odd. After all, not only do all Pittsburghers hate the Ravens, I should have been pulling for my local team, right? Not so. I was hoping for a Ravens victory because my disdain for that team is trumped by my wanting our beloved Steelers to remain the team with the most Super Bowl victories. I had no interest in sharing that title with the San Francisco 49ers.

I'm surprised to hear and read that so many people in Pittsburgh hate the Ravens more than they care about the Steelers' position in NFL history. But if the 49ers had tied the Steelers for most Super Bowl wins, it may have given the Steelers some incentive to play a little better next season.

Redwood City, Calif.



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