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As the parent of a student who attends the Environmental Charter School and used to attend public school, I am responding to the Jan. 24 article by Mary Niederberger, "PA. Charter School Test Results Sag."

First, I have a lot of issues with these new standards. A charter school is governed by a separate board, hires its own staff, makes its own guidelines/policies, etc. I have seen my son, and many, many other students at the school, grow, flourish and learn and understand things that most kids their age do not even know about.

Second, I have been involved with ECS since he started there in third grade, and I know what this school offers, how they respect their kids and how staff is respected, that they are taught based on the way they learn, and that its test scores and standards are high. The teachers care about the kids and are committed to teaching. This article is misleading. Let's give a balanced perspective here, media.




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