Pa. students need to have education choices

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This year more Pennsylvania families than ever have a reason to celebrate School Choice Week, Jan. 27 to Feb. 2, and Digital Learning Day on Feb. 6. As a teacher at the virtual public school Commonwealth Connections Academy's Seven Fields office, I celebrate both proudly, as I see firsthand the benefits of choice and technology in learning every day.

I've been able to watch some of my students who struggled in a traditional classroom start to turn around and even thrive in their new online environment. Through the use of technology, I'm able to teach an interactive live lesson to students in Allentown, Philly, Erie and Pittsburgh at the same time.

Students are more engaged in their work as technology not only piques their interests but challenges them to perform higher order thinking skills. I have watched a 10th-grade student take pride and ownership in a writing assignment by turning it into a digital sensation using the resources provided by our innovative curriculum.

But just as the traditional classroom is not the best fit for every child, our online school is not the best option for each student either. Every child learns differently, which is why a child's future should not be limited by lack of educational options.

I want to thank all of the parents, students, educators and lawmakers for making their voices heard and making our school, and all of the other school choices, possible. Our students deserve a future filled with new and innovative learning tools and technology.

Learning Support Teacher
Commonwealth Connections Academy
Seven Fields



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