Youth firearms programs promote safety

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Regarding the Jan. 30 editorial "Youth and Guns: Weapons Sellers Vie for a Younger Clientele": I am beginning to question the motives of the editorial staff of the Post-Gazette.

In your editorial, you called out the U.S. military, the National Rifle Association, 4-H and the Boy Scouts of America for offering youth firearms safety programs.

All of these programs are designed to teach the safe and responsible handling of firearms. This is not indoctrination. I guess in the opinion of the PG editorial staff our children (who are curious about guns) should learn firearms safety from video games and movies or, better yet, the crack dealer on the corner.

Just as a side note, the editorial also called out the gun industry for its support of these programs. Question: Do you think anyone associated with firearms manufacturers wants to see mass shootings? Every industry representative I have ever spoken to has professed the safe and responsible use of their product. It is in the best interest of the firearms industry to provide support for gun safety programs.

I guess it is too much to ask from the editorial staff to use a little common sense and do a little research before publishing such an uninformed opinion.

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