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Speaking as a retired city employee and a resident, I think Pittsburgh finally got it right. Rob Kaczorowski, the director of public works, has devised a plan to clear snow from the city streets efficiently and noticeably faster than ever before. I patrolled the streets of Pittsburgh for 32 years and never saw such rapid results, even on secondary streets.

It seems Mr. Kaczorowski puts less effort into becoming a TV celebrity and much more into concentrating on the tasks at hand, removing snow and salting streets. In the past we heard theory and empty promises for days on the TV news. I recently purchased a house in Westwood, on top of a hill. After purchasing it I wondered if this location was a mistake. Would I be stranded for days if we had a bad snowstorm? Well, the recent two snowstorms convinced me there is nothing to worry about. Within hours I was able to easily leave and return home without any difficulty. Plows and salt trucks appeared fast.

I salute both Mr. Kaczorowski and his team of professionals who brave the weather and finally make our streets passable immediately after a snow event. This is a clear sign of good leadership.

Retired Police Lieutenant



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