Charters need time to correct traditional schools' failed approaches

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I am writing in response to the Jan. 27 editorial "Sub-Par Options: Charter Schools as a Class Don't Measure Up." Parents don't select charter schools because their children are doing great at their public school district. They send them to charter schools because of special needs or, even more important, because the district is failing them.

Testing is simply a snapshot that does not take into account that charter schools have not had enough time to turn around the fortunes of a child. The solution to accurately test progress is one that looks at multiple years.

Speaking from experience, children do better when they have had the opportunity over several years to unlearn the failing approach of their traditional public school in favor of the innovative learning available at public cyber schools. These schools remain the only model where children from poorer and affluent neighborhoods can learn together.

PA Families for Public
Cyber Schools



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