Animal abuse

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Animal rights advocates marched in the streets against a man who beat his dog to death. I'm with them on that. Meanwhile, the atrocities being committed against our wild horses and burros out West are unbelievable unless you see the videos. Why is there no activity to help these supposedly federally protected animals survive?

The Bureau of Land Management is stepping up its assault on our wild horses and burros. Observers of roundups have documented brutal treatment: driving them in subfreezing temperatures in winter and in temperatures over 100 in summer; driving them through barbed wire; stampeding foals and electro-shocking horses while loading them onto trailers. Roundups cause many deaths.

States with wild horses are removing, with especially cruel methods and unconscionable treatment, the federally protected animals from even designated wild horse habitat zones. Horses and burros are trucked thousands of miles and held in pens, costing taxpayers millions of dollars. There now isn't enough space to hold them, but the roundups continue. At least 1,788 were sold for slaughter.

Our news media here in the East don't bother with such news, and many people don't even know about the removal of the horses and burros. Our senators do have a say in the matter, but they don't care. Animal advocates should be marching in the streets to save our wild horses and burros.




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